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Jimmy Kimmel Is Back At It Again ' I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016' (WATCH)

Jimmy Kimmel Is Back At It Again ‘ I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016’ (WATCH)

11/02/2016  |  No Comments


    Kids Lose It Over 'Jimmy Kimmel' Halloween Candy Prank! Head inside for lots of laughs.

ICYMI: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 2 (WATCH)

ICYMI: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 2 (WATCH)

04/12/2016  |  No Comments


    Mo'drama Mo drama and MORE.
    Last night a new episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired. If you missed it and ratchet tv is your guilty pleasure, head inside to check it out.

SNAP CHAT FAME: ‘Damn Daniel’ Creators Get Invited To The Ellen DeGeneres Show

02/24/2016  |  No Comments


    If you're on social media and you're seeing hashtags with 'Damn Daniel' meet the two youngsters that started the craze!
    Daniel and Josh are two high-school students who became viral stars on Snapchat in a matter of days, and Ellen invited them to her show.
    Their snap story received 45 million views on snapchat. Josh is the voice behind the infamous line 'Damn Daniel' and of course Daniel is the model rocking the white vans! The power of social media has introduced the boys to the world and VANS even blessed Daniel with a life time supply of vans! Check out the video above.



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11/02/2015 "This year Halloween fell on a weekend" - Geto Boys: Mind Playin Tricks On Me

    To many it appears that more and more people around the country are participating in Halloween festivities each year. I enjoy seeing everyone be creative with their costumes and being able to purchase candi corn during this time of the year!! If you're following me on Instagram I shared a few of my favorite Halloween looks and last minute Halloween costumes ideas!! The kiddies looked so cute in their little costumes. Now on to the celebs! The celebs brought out their A game and really got into character. My top picks go to The Carters and Fabolous & his family!! Head inside to read more.

[Video] Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 11 (Reunion Part 2)

09/04/2012  |  No Comments


    VH1 aired part 2 of the reunion special for Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta last night. All I have to say is: Never trust a man with a Baby Momma!!! Being that there's always a chance of a relapse. I mean by all means DO you..but don't say Candi didn't warn ya!! Anywhoooo, I don't want to spoil it for those of you that missed it!! Check out the foolishness above! P.s Joseline gives me life..lmaoo!!!

[Video] Will Smith Slaps A Reporter For Trying To Tongue Him Down

05/20/2012  |  No Comments

05/20/2012 Will Smith lost his cool on the red carpet while in Moscow, Russia, on Friday. The 43-year-old star was walking a press line to promote Men In Black 3 when a Ukrainian TV reporter stopped him to give him a hug and attempted to kiss him. 'Hey man, what the hell is your problem?' an outraged Smith said before pushing the journalist away and slapping the man in the face. Uh oH! The Fresh Prince still got a lil street in him (Sike) Nah, he was right for slappin dude! I would have laid him out tho. LOL. Good Ish Will! more

LMAO Youtube Clip Of The Week: African Man Shares His Thoughts On @KanyeWest’s Theraflu Track

05/18/2012  |  No Comments

05/18/2012 My girl Sarah T from Chi-town sent me this video, she was begging me to watch it and I am GLAD I did!! *pound I’m weak* I would totally want to hang with this dude to talk about hip-hop. "Tell Peta My Mink Is Dragging On The Floor" *does African King Hand Movement*...lmaooo..ok ok just watch it you'll get it and peep his two step at the end! LMAOO... Yeezy def needs to get this man on a track. more

[Music] Serena Williams Freestyle

05/14/2012  |  No Comments

05/14/2012 LMAOO! Serena Williams we love you, you're a great athlete but please leave the rapping to the rappers - Athletes wanna be rappers and rappers wanna be athletes, it will never end! Sorry Serena..GAME! more

 Let Model Kate Upton Show You How To 'Cat Daddy'..(Video)

Let Model Kate Upton Show You How To ‘Cat Daddy’..(Video)

05/01/2012  |  No Comments

05/01/2012 • This video made me LMAOOOO...The same dance singer Chris Brown kills in clubs or at 106 and Park, Model Kate Upton has decided to demo her CD skills for Photographer Terry Richardson, in this new Terry TV Video. The boobalicious model version of the 'Cat Daddy' was a wee bit…umm, raunchy all while working it in a string

    Click Play to see the full video. P.s Her boobs somehow never actually pop out of her bikini but this is still slightly NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK).

[Video] Kim Kardashian Attacked With Flour On Red Carpet

03/23/2012  |  No Comments

03/23/2012 Reality Tv star Kim Kardashian was doing interviews at a launch party held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood for her new fragrance "True Reflection" last night, when a crazy baker lady thought she needed more FLOUR for her CAKES! lady shot a whole bag of flour on Kim K. She remained calm, went and washed if off then returned to serving face on the red carpet. Kim told E!

    "That probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me," She continued on by saying "Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there," she said, laughing off the entire ordeal.
    Check out the video above.