About Candi


Candi Lewis is not a journalist she is what you’d call an “Opinionista”, a sassy, Scorpio woman with a firm opinion on EVERYTHING. With a personality larger than life, Candi has set out a goal to become a media & Fashion guru. With, Addicted2candi.com Candi plans to create a following and display her skills of bringing DOPENESS to her readers. The site will focus on Music, Fashion, lite Celebrity Tea and positivity.

Addicted2Candi is suited for anyone with a purpose attempting to succeed in this crazy world. She welcomes all to enjoy the site. So don’t be afraid to indulge.

So who is Candi you ask? She is a lovely, focused woman with a humorously addictive personality. She is an unforgettable experience and her time is NOW! Her motion is forward and your addiction has now begun.

Welcome to Addicted2Candi.com.

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