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Beauty News: The  M.A.C. x Aaliyah Is Finally Happening

Beauty News: The M.A.C. x Aaliyah Is Finally Happening

08/24/2017  |  No Comments


    MAC Cosmetics has announced that next summer they'll be releasing a brand new collection inspired by R&B star Aaliyah. I know Aaliyah's fans are going crazy being that today is the eve of the singer's death and they went super hard, creating a petition and all to make this happen.
    The Makeup brand wrote on their Instagram
    "Aaliyah is truly one in a million—an unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all," "Today we join her countless fans in celebrating her with the announcement of the M·A·C Aaliyah collection. You made it happen! Stay tuned in 2018."
    Get your coins ready folks! I'm sure this collection will sell out quickly!

SMH NEWS: Aaliyah's Greatest Hits Removed From iTunes and Apple Music

SMH NEWS: Aaliyah’s Greatest Hits Removed From iTunes and Apple Music

01/12/2017  |  1 Comment


    With January being the Birth month of the late great singer Aaliyah, allowing her loyal fans to receive a greatest hits album would have been dope.
    Read more inside

Aaliyah’s Posthumous Album Artwork

Aaliyah’s Posthumous Album Artwork

09/04/2012  |  No Comments


    The album artwork for the Aaliyah's Posthumous Album has been released. Drake will co-produce the album and Timbaland & Missy Elliott will be involved in the project, the R&B singer's label, Blackground Records, confirms to Billboard. What do you think of the cover?

[Video] Drakes Talks About The New Aaliyah Album

08/09/2012  |  No Comments


    Drakes chats about his upcoming collaboration with the late great Aaliyah. Check it out!

The Ombre Hair Fever: An Oldie But Goodie!!

The Ombre Hair Fever: An Oldie But Goodie!!

04/13/2012  |  No Comments

04/13/2012 The ombre [Ohm-bre] hair trend is definitely not new. Just to recap ombre is just a fancy word for a hair coloring technique where the color is darker at the root and then fades into lighter and brighter highlights as you move down the shaft. The key to getting this trend right is making sure the deeper shade at the root is soft and gradually bleeds out. I remember seeing Aaliyah rocking this style years ago. In the last two decades I've seen countless singers, models, actresses and chicks famous for being famous dabble with ombre tresses. Take a look inside for more pics. more

[Spotted] The Face of Aaliyah Tattooed On Drake's Back

[Spotted] The Face of Aaliyah Tattooed On Drake’s Back

12/26/2011  |  No Comments

12/26/2011 So it appears the love Drake has for the late great Aaliyah is very real!! Over on this picture was posted of Drake and friends playing tennis. Although you can’t really see his face, that’s him rocking the white headband. Someone captured this shot of his back and if you look closely you can see Aaliyah’s face tatted with wings above her head. Rest In Peace Babygirl. Speaking of tatts click here to see the foolish chick that got drake’s name tatted across her FOREHEAD!! SMDH!! more

[Video + Photos] Rest In Peace Aaliyah: We Miss You Babygirl

[Video + Photos] Rest In Peace Aaliyah: We Miss You Babygirl

08/25/2011  |  2 Comments

08/25/2011 Wow it's been 10 years since the death of the beautiful angel Aaliyah. I was a freshman in college when I found out she had died. It was unreal. Everyone began yelling out their dorm windows " Aaliyah just died in a plane crash." as MTV reported the tragic news. I tear up as I think about that sad day in music. Dear sweet Aaliyah, you are missed so much by everyone in the world. We still celebrate your life and thank you for providing us with great music. Your music was timeless. Rest In Peace babygirl. Check out a few more photos of Aaliyah after the set.. more