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ICYMI: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 2 (WATCH)

ICYMI: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 2 (WATCH)

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    Mo'drama Mo drama and MORE.
    Last night a new episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired. If you missed it and ratchet tv is your guilty pleasure, head inside to check it out.

The Star of Love & Hip-Hop NY Cardi B Drops Her First Mixtape 'Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1'

The Star of Love & Hip-Hop NY Cardi B Drops Her First Mixtape ‘Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1’

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    Cardi B is great TV but is she great for the rap game? The competition is stiff and Nicki Minaj has set the bar high. The one thing about Cardi B is that she can work an audience. She's the life of the party. So people like us ( shameless plug ) have star power. I listened to a few tracks and I'm still on the fence about her music. However I will say I am proud of her for making a change in life, and achieving her goals. Salute to Cardi B on her first official mixtape!
    The is what the Bronx bomber had to say about her project:
    "This mixtape signifies jumping out the window, taking a risk. The process has been amazing, but putting out my music for the world to hear is a super scary feeling, I just hope the world loves it as much as I do! I hope they listen to the words, and learn from the lessons and experiences I talk about in my music! I really hope they appreciate it! At the end of the I want young girls, and women to listen to the message! Its really simple, you can make it being yourself!"
    Head inside to listen to Cardi B's Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1.

WATCH: LHHNY's Peter Gunz Interview At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

WATCH: LHHNY’s Peter Gunz Interview At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

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    The Player of the year aka Peter Gunz stopped by The Breakfast Club and spoke about his complicated relationship with Wife Amina Buddafly and Baby Mother Tara Wallace, his kids plus more. He also reveals the name of his 9th child Gunner, that he's expecting with Tara Wallace.
Watch the full interview inside. more

Too Real For TV: Instagram Sensation Cardi B Has Arrived!

Too Real For TV: Instagram Sensation Cardi B Has Arrived!

12/16/2015  |  No Comments

12/16/2015 Who is Cardi B? 

When I first came across Cardi's Instagram page I couldn't believe how ratchet she was, and yet I was drawn in! She speaks her mind and is very comical! I'm sure  just like myself her 1.2million followers on Instagram consider her a BFF in their head
      Although she wasn't on the first episode of Love & HipHop: New York ( which I was upset about) her debut on the show is highly anticipated! Cardi B is good TV! If she can keep people hooked in 15sec IG videos one can only imagine what can be done in an hour! 
      If Cardi B plays her cards right this young girl ( age 23) can take the television/entertainment world by storm! Oh & she raps too! Check out her new single "Cheap Ass Weave" ,  in which she explains;
"The way your hair look is so important," she tells Complex. "You could really have a $10 dress, you could have the most raggedy outfit, a t-shirt and sweatpants and fucked up boots. But your hair, it means she just had to run outside like that. She be on point because her hair is on point. The way your hair looks is so important. Men don’t like when your weave smells like potato chips and corn and whatever the crap. It’s so important how your hair looks."
She recently sat down with Complex Magazine for a pretty interesting interview! Click Here to read more! 



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    Love & Hip Hop New York is bizzack!!
    Although the super sassy Erica Mena is no longer apart of the show. The new cast members are just as REAL. The new faces include Remy Ma, who announced her involvement several months ago and everyone was super hype to hear that the BX bomber would be apart of the show. However many think that Rem may be too real for reality TV, with her being fresh out the joint. Yandy & hubby Mendeecees are back on the show, displaying their blended family and Deecees's legal woes. Mack daddy aka Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz will return as well with drama on deck. Head inside to read more about the new cast members and read see what's in store for LHH NY season 6!!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 3 (VIDEO)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 3 (VIDEO)

11/11/2013  |  No Comments


    Mona Scott sure know's how to keep us coming back for more!! This week was POPPIN!! And I mean that in a literal sense. Watch the drama continue in episode 3. P.s Yandy is THEEEE set up queen. geesh!! Press the word PLAY on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen, in black if your flashplayer isn't updated

*Sigh*...And The Plot Thickens: Love & Hip Hop Cast Member Mendeecees Harris Testifies In His Molestation   trial

*Sigh*…And The Plot Thickens: Love & Hip Hop Cast Member Mendeecees Harris Testifies In His Molestation trial

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    *sips tea*...Ok so I'm noooo criminal or lawyer, however I know the turn out for those who take the stand in their own defense is never good!! Im addicted to this story mannnn!! SMH. Get into the story below!!
    VH1 “Love & Hip Hop” star Mendeecees Harris testified today that he hardly knew the woman who said he coerced her into oral sex in his Lodi home when she was 15.
    “No. No way. No, no,” he said as his attorney, Brian Neary, asked Harris whether he was guilty of any of the charges against him.
“I never had a relationship with her, she never extended herself,” said Harris, taking the stand in his own defense. “She didn’t play basketball, she didn’t play Playstation, didn’t want to go to the movies.
    “She always walked around the house like she had an attitude,” he said.
    “That’s the truth – never, never – I never committed none of them acts to that girl in my life.”
    Harris also went through great pains during two hours of morning testimony to dispel any impression of himself as being casual about sex.
    Questioned first by Neary and then by Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Demetra Maurice, Harris outlined relationships with three different women:
    the mother of Mendeecee Harris Jr., his young son;
    the victim’s mother, whom he testified he knew “from the streets in Harlem” and lived with in both Hackensack and Lodi;
    fellow “Love & Hip Hop” star, producer Yandy Smith, whom he began seeing romantically in the spring of 2009 and had a baby son with in 2011.
    Smith was among those who listened intently as Harris testified in the Hackensack courtroom.
    Lawddd this is just a lot!!!!! Oh and ya'll remember the story I posted about his drug charges? Wellll Mr.Harris had been free on bail pending the start of the trial, but he surrendered in Bergen County last week after being named in a federal indictment out of Rochester, N.Y.that accuses him and two other men with trafficking $2.5 million worth of heroin and cocaine. The government is expected to bring that case against him once the teen sex trial is over. BOYYYYYY!! This baby can't get right!! Yandy look's like you might be on MOB Wives next season after all this this..smh. Click here to get into what went down at the court house today.

Video: Love & Hip Hop Season 3 Trailer

12/27/2012  |  No Comments


    The new season airs Jan 7th, but check out the trailer until then!! It Looks very dope!

[Video] In Thuglife News: Chrissy Stomps A Chick Out In Second Season of “Love & Hip-Hop”

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10/21/2011 The ladies of Love & Hip Hop are back with a second season and getting their fight on like B--H WHAT??? In the picture above Chrissy(jimmy) is stomping out Kimbella(Juelz) the new cast mate. I thought only Emily and Kimbella would be fighting due to Kimbella telling her she slept with FAB. Did Kimbella bone Jimmy too during his "BALLLLLLLLLIN" days? Well I will be locked in. New season airs on VH1 Nov 14th. Peep the trailer below.


Girl Fight:Fab & Juelz Baby Momma's throw blows on “Love & Hip Hop” Taping

Girl Fight:Fab & Juelz Baby Momma’s throw blows on “Love & Hip Hop” Taping

08/28/2011  |  No Comments

08/28/2011 • Looks like there will be fist flying as the new cast member(Kimbella) of VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop" enter the circle..smh..Read more on what went down between Fab's baby mama Emily B and Julez Santana's baby mama Kimbella, after the set.. more