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ICYMI:  Jay-Z Rocks Colin Kaepernick Jersey During SNL Performance (WATCH)

ICYMI: Jay-Z Rocks Colin Kaepernick Jersey During SNL Performance (WATCH)

10/02/2017  |  No Comments


    Over the weekend Jay- Z appeared on the season premiere of SNL as the musical guest. The rap legend hit the stage rocking the jersey of Colin Kapernick. In 2016, Kaepernick gained nationwide attention when he began protesting by not standing while the United States national anthem was being played before the start of games, motivated by what he viewed as the oppression of people of color in the United States. Check out Jay's live performance inside.

WATCH: Solange Performs 'Cranes in the Sky' & 'Don't Touch My Hair' On Saturday Night Live

WATCH: Solange Performs ‘Cranes in the Sky’ & ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ On Saturday Night Live

11/07/2016  |  No Comments

11/07/2016 Solange stopped by SNL over the weekend and performed two songs from her No. 1 album A Seat At The Table. “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair” are two of my favorite tracks off the album. Check out the live performance inside. more

WATCH: SNL Spoofs Melania Trump With Beyoncé's  Lemonade Parody

WATCH: SNL Spoofs Melania Trump With Beyoncé’s Lemonade Parody “Melanianade” (LOL)

10/18/2016  |  No Comments


    Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) is over Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and she ain't sorry! Gotta love SNL and their spoofs. Head inside to get a good laugh.

LISTEN: Kanye West's SNL Venting Session Leaks

LISTEN: Kanye West’s SNL Venting Session Leaks

02/17/2016  |  No Comments


    Image: Kanye West GETTY/NBC
    Kanye West has been on a rampage for the last few weeks. You would think he would be in a great place being that his son was just born and his newest album The Life of Pablo is receiving rave reviews. However that isn't the case. He seems really unhappy and angry. I'm really concerned for him and wish he would get some type of help to deal with his emotions. These are the signs that many ignore when people that are depressed are crying out for help.
    In an audio clip exclusively obtained by Page Six, Kanye can be heard repeatedly yelling at “SNL” production staff, “Don’t f–k with me,” before labeling Swift — who he claims on his new album he made famous — a “fake ass”.
    Listen to the auido inside.

CLAP FOR HIM: Get into Kevin Hart's Promos & Behind The Scenes As

CLAP FOR HIM: Get into Kevin Hart’s Promos & Behind The Scenes As “SNL” Host

02/28/2013  |  No Comments


    This is such a MAJOR MAJOR move!!! SNL is like the Harvard of the comedian world. To get a chance to host this show is like OMG. This is what actually set's other comedians apart from the other funny cats in the game. Kevin hart is surely the KING of comedy at this time. All of the greats have done SNL, Eddie, Martin etc.... Check out the video below as Hart explains why this SNL gig is bigger than the VMAs.
    Kevin Hart is hosting "SNL" this Saturday. Check out the promo below.

Laughter Is Great For The Soul: SNL Spoofs Kim Kardashian’s Divorce(Video)

11/08/2011  |  No Comments

11/08/2011 I love the SNL cast!! Watch the hilarious clip spoofing Kim Kardashian’s divorce special. The "K's" thought the spoof was pretty funny: Khloe tweeted that she loved Kris’ character and Kourtney said she ‘peed’ watching the video. I need to be on this show, I have DOPE comical skills. LOL more