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    August 2011 I launched with full force. I was excited to post, I was eager to see my traffic numbers weekly. All this occurred before social media took off. Then Instagram arrived and everybody and their mother wanted to be a "Blogger."
    When I first started I was totally against being called a blogger, because at the time bloggers were messy and posted negative gossip. That was never my thing. I am more of the Fashion x Music served with lite tea site. As Instagram popularity continued to grow I was more focused on posting daily there than on my site. I worked hard to achieve a following even though most of my followers just looked and never On August 11th, 2017 Instagram deleted my page for the second time. It happened in 2013 and then again a few weeks ago. I was totally hurt by the action especially since I am unsure why it was deleted.
    So I have decided to refocus my energy on my merchandise TheAddictedLife I'll continue to blog here and there but I'm bigger than just being a "Blogger." Branding Addicted2Candi is so much more than that. So maybe the universe is telling me to reroute to fulfill my dreams. For anyone that enjoyed my few podcast shows, I am releasing a new podcast this month. I have so much in store for myself and all of my supporters.
    Ladies please be sure to cop your Dope Chick With Ambition T- Shirt via My goal is to be a millionaire in this lifetime and that's what I am going to achieve. Don't ever give up on your dreams. But when necessary reroute and attempt to achieve your goals another way. And remember
    "Real ones may fall back but they never fall off!"
    Be sure to follow my merchandise page @ShopTheAddictedLife and Personal Page @Addicted2Candi on the gram.

Girl Bye News: Halle Berry's Team Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Girl Bye News: Halle Berry’s Team Denies Pregnancy Rumors

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    "you ain't gotta lie Craig"
    Last week Halle Berry posted this image on Instagram of her rocking the popular No More Boyfriends T shirt, so one would assume cuffing season was OVER for Ms.Berry! However on Saturday June 3rd, Halle attended the 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Brentwood, California. Images of the Actress hit the net and she appeared to be PRETTY preggo. Not to mention in each picture she "embraced" her bump as if she was confirming she was going to be a mother for a 3rd time around. Monday arrives and Berry's reps are denying the pregnancy rumors...*blank stare*
    Read More Inside.

LISTEN: Beanie Sigel “I’m Comin (Meek Mill Diss)”

LISTEN: Beanie Sigel “I’m Comin (Meek Mill Diss)”

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    And it begins......
    Beanie Sigel dropped his diss track "I'm Comin" which Dj Envy premiered this morning on Power 105's The Breakfast Club. I listened and I'm shaking my head. This is NOT the same Beans from the Jadakiss battle. I'm not sure if this was just a warm up. But I'm not moved by this track. Check it out below and share your thoughts.

TYGA LUV THE KIDS: Rapper Being Accused of Attempting To Hit On 14 Year Old Girl

TYGA LUV THE KIDS: Rapper Being Accused of Attempting To Hit On 14 Year Old Girl

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    "It goes down in the DM's" - Yo Gotti
    Ever since Tyga decided to ditch his family for the young hottie Kylie Jenner he's been in the news none stop. First the tranny story last year and NOW at the start of 2016 he's being accused of trying to holla at a 14 year old girl. Sigh....Tyga just go back home to Chyna, raise your song king and be merry! Head inside to read the story and watch the press conference held by the young girl's lawyer and her client Molly O'Malia.

CLASSY OVER TRENDY: Ayesha Curry Tweets Ticked Twitter Off With Her Comments On Today's Fashion Trends 

CLASSY OVER TRENDY: Ayesha Curry Tweets Ticked Twitter Off With Her Comments On Today’s Fashion Trends 

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12/07/2015 When you Tweet please be prepared to defend your thoughts because they will COME for you without you sending for them!! 

NBA's MVP Stephen Curry wife Ayesha Curry learned that over the weekend as she tweeted about the "latest fashion trends".  Although the rant was small, her comments ruffled a few feathers. Head inside to read more. 

BOY BYE: Kylie Jenner & Tyga Call It Quits

BOY BYE: Kylie Jenner & Tyga Call It Quits

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    oh no!!! No more KYGA? If the reports are true it was bound to happen sooner or later. If its not true its bound to happenn sooner or I don't see a future ( no pun intended ) for Ky and Ty being that she's super young and I'm sure her love for him will die out. Please remember she's the daughter of Kris Jenner and baby sister of Kim K so YOU do the math.
    So THEY say....
    Kylie Jenner and Tyga have broken up, and it was sudden and nasty ... TMZ has learned.
    Sources connected with the couple tell us they split Thursday, just after Kylie returned from Australia. One source says, "It's something Tyga did," but the source would not be specific.
    Sources connected with Tyga say Kylie's the one who pulled the plug and it had something to do with "pressure from the Kardashians."
    Kendall was out Thursday night at dinner and we're told she was upset and had harsh words about Tyga.
    All this drama on his 26th Birthday. I wonder if he's going to call Blacc Chyna up asking for his family back? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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    Beautiful woman, but Halle can NOT keep a man. geesh!!! This goes to show you being extra beautiful doesn't always guarantee a happily ever after love. I'm not saying Halle was to blame for this divorce because its been said her husband is pretty feisty! Sigh.....
    Via PEOPLE
    Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry have officially filed for divorce.
    Both have cited irreconcilable differences and listed their date of separation as Monday, according to court paperwork obtained by PEOPLE. The couple announced their divorce publicly on Tuesday, saying in a joint statement, "We move forward with love and respect for one another and the shared focus of what is best for our son."
    Head inside to read more!

SHUTUPCANDI: Gabrielle Union Pregnant By Dwyane Wade?

SHUTUPCANDI: Gabrielle Union Pregnant By Dwyane Wade?

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    Word on the street is that Gabby is seeded up with D-Wade's baby!!! I mean that is her soon to be husband!! But damn if true, Gabby why now? Being MaryJane is popping, he's a new's just A LOT going on. But again this is just a RUMOR!! So let's just grab our tea and sip it. Only time will tell. P.s she's a SCORPIO we typically don't move like this!! So I'm going to say now I don't believe it. *shrugs*
    Sources claims that such rumors started over the holidays, when Union apparently “stopped drinking cocktails” (she’s allegedly known to enjoy an alcoholic beverage every now and then). The insider explains, “She was at a party, there was champagne everywhere, and she didn’t drink a drop.”
    A fan did notice “a tiny bulge in Gabby’s USUALLY FLAT stomach” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday evening (January 7)

Did Auntie Wendy Williams Keep It REAL or REAL Rude With RHOA's Porsha Stewart? (WATCH)

Did Auntie Wendy Williams Keep It REAL or REAL Rude With RHOA’s Porsha Stewart? (WATCH)

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    Damn, now we all know Auntie Wendy Williams keeps it realer than most!! But damn AUNTIE, poor little Porsha Stewart wasn't ready!! Just watch the video folks!

Girls Kissing Girls Because It's HOT Right? Karrueche Tran & Teyana Taylor Get Their Kiss On AGAIN!

Girls Kissing Girls Because It’s HOT Right? Karrueche Tran & Teyana Taylor Get Their Kiss On AGAIN!

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    Well looky looky...Karrueche Tran aka Chris Brown's ex boo and Teyana Taylor G.O.O.D music first lady get their kiss on AGAIN!! The first lip lock we saw publicly went down on NYE, so granted liquor may have been in the system...and like B.I.G said "when the remy in the system aint nooooo tellin..." so I can see the smooch happening, bcos when I'm tipsy I hug and love ERRYBODY..lmao!! A whole mess hunnie!! Ok so now another kissy pic was posted on IG of the "besties" kisssing, and we all know what Ye said about girls kissing So maybe their having "fun" and doing it for PR purposes being that they both are still trying to obtain a place in the game. P.s It has been an on going rumor that Teyana is about that rainbow idk...If she comes out we'll be sure to post
    Karuru and Teyana with Friends In NYC