LIP SERVICE: New Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Kit Announced

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After a successful launch in 2014, two years later Tom Ford brings back Tom Ford Lips & Boys lippies with 25 brand new shades. The collection is set to arrive next month.

In 2014, Tom Ford almost broke the Internet (and a ton of people’s budgets) when he launched Tom Ford Lips & Boys, a collection of 50 mini lipsticks—36 new shades, 14 from previous seasons—named after men who had inspired the designer known for ultrasexy, androgynous everything. There was Eric, an especially kissable rosy metallic; Egon, a shimmery pale pink; Liam, a bold purple; and who could forget Roberto, a spicy, punchy shade of crimson? Once the incredible set of all 50 colors had sold out, each shade was available for $32, which was $17 less than regular-size shades, like Tom Ford Lip Color in Bruised Plum, which won our 2010 Best of Beauty Award for best dark lipstick and retails for $53.

Next month, the iconic lip kit is going to get a major overhaul—we’re talking 25 new shades—and for the first time, it will include ten modern matte finishes in addition to the existing creams and metallics. Hitting shelves in November, the latest Tom Ford Lips & Boys kit will feature nuanced nudes, like Bradley and Alexander, and daring reds, like Nicholas and Dominic. Look, Tom Ford has had a lot of men in his life. Lucky for us, that translates to a lot of gorgeous lipstick.

Individually, the gender-bending shades from Tom Ford Lips & Boys retail for $36, as you’d expect, but to get your hands on the full 50-piece collector’s set, you’ll have to kiss some serious rent money good-bye—the full collection comes in a black lacquered Tom Ford case and will set you back $1,950.

To put that in perspective, the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Vault, which we reported on at the beginning of September, is stocked with 24 mini versions of the brand’s fiendishly popular glide-on lipsticks. It will put you out $50. The Kat Von D Holiday Everlasting Obsession Liquid Lipstick Collector’s Edition, by comparison, has 15 liquid lipsticks and costs $240. Of course, there is only one Tom Ford. And his lipsticks are worth the splurge. Plus, if you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe, you can play around with a customizable three-piece version for $108.


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