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Check Out The Addicted Life's Dope Chick With Ambition Signature Sweatshirt

Check Out The Addicted Life’s Dope Chick With Ambition Signature Sweatshirt

12/28/2017  |  No Comments


    Street wear Brand The Addicted Life has released crew-neck sweatshirts just in time for the winter season. The signature crew-neck sweatshirt is available in black with the message Dope Chick With Ambition in white lettering. Ladies, stand out in the cold rocking a dope message. Shop the hot item now via

DOPENESS ALERT: M.D.A.F.$ Men's Camo Jacket By The Addicted Life

DOPENESS ALERT: M.D.A.F.$ Men’s Camo Jacket By The Addicted Life

11/29/2017  |  No Comments


    The Addicted Life is back at it again with a hot new Camo Jacket, but this time they're repping for the men. The acronym M.D.A.F.$ stands for; My Dope Ain't For Sale which means DOPE is your mind, body, soul and style. So you should always remain true to self and Never sell out. Embrace your dopeness! This Camo jacket is designed for the men but ladies can totally rock it as well.
    Shop the M.D.A.F.$ Camo Jacket now:

DOPENESS ALERT: D.C.W.A Camo Jacket By The Addicted Life

DOPENESS ALERT: D.C.W.A Camo Jacket By The Addicted Life

10/28/2017  |  No Comments


    The Addicted Life released it's Dope Chick With Ambition Collection this spring/summer and for the F/W 17 they now have Camo Jackets available for the Dope Chicks With Ambition. Camo is always in year around. So you can surely rock the oversized jacket apart of a layered look for the fall and winter seasons.
    Shop the D.C.W.A Camo Jacket now:

Check Out The Hot Featured Item From The Addicted Life 'Dope Chick With Ambition' Collection

Check Out The Hot Featured Item From The Addicted Life ‘Dope Chick With Ambition’ Collection

09/02/2017  |  No Comments


    I'm such a T shirt and Jeans kinda girl. So when I release merch for The Addicted Life the pieces represent my personal style. I like rocking hats from time to time. And I love a dope pair of kicks. The Dope Chick With Ambition hats are priced at $25 and is a total statement piece. When rocking your Dope Chick With Ambition hat or T-shirt be prepared for the stares. This collection is for the assertive woman with a desire to succeed in life. Click HERE to shop the D.C.W.A. hat.

CANDI VISION: The Addicted Life

CANDI VISION: The Addicted Life

04/25/2016  |  No Comments


    The Addicted Life is finally coming to LIFE this year.
    I spoke life into this project daily. I wanted it to come alive in 2014 but in 2016 GOD has granted my wish. I've always loved fashion and obtained a Fashion Marketing/Merchandising degree. I will be able to satisfy my degree as well as my passion for media with my blog. I hope you guys enjoy my merchandise. The Addicted Life will focus on streetwear fashions, trends and witty words. Dope Simplicity is what I call it. I've always been the person that will speak what the room is thinking. So I can't wait to see my witty words on the front row of fashion week & in a magazine publication. will be launching soon. If you would like to be notified when you can shop, please head over to the site & join the email list. I promise no spam.
    Love Candi

DOPENESS ALERT: The Addicted Life

DOPENESS ALERT: The Addicted Life

04/01/2014  |  No Comments


    Hey folks!! I wanted to share with my lovely readers, the new business I am working on. The Addicted Life is part of my whole ADDICTED branding. I've created it for the dope girls of the world, that enjoy rocking both tshirts and heels. Since I went to school for fashion(merchandising), it made sense to apply the knowledge I've obtained in school and push my own merchandise promoting my brand. If you're interested in keeping up with the release dates, please email to be placed on the email list. Thank you all in advance for the support. I am sure you'll love all the pieces. on its way. Be sure to follow on IG as well @TheAddictedLife