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Addicted 2 Candi Live Podcast: The Teaser (LISTEN)

Addicted 2 Candi Live Podcast: The Teaser (LISTEN)

03/13/2017  |  No Comments


    Yesterday I recorded my very first podcast. I am calling it a teaser being that it's more of an intro opposed to a full episode. I was super nervous but just did my thing. Hope you all enjoy it. Listen below.

WATCH: SNL Spoofs Melania Trump With Beyoncé's  Lemonade Parody

WATCH: SNL Spoofs Melania Trump With Beyoncé’s Lemonade Parody “Melanianade” (LOL)

10/18/2016  |  No Comments


    Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) is over Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and she ain't sorry! Gotta love SNL and their spoofs. Head inside to get a good laugh.

CLAP FOR HIM: Chris Rock Returns To Stand-Up With Huge Netflix Deal

CLAP FOR HIM: Chris Rock Returns To Stand-Up With Huge Netflix Deal

10/13/2016  |  No Comments


    He's baccckkkkk!
    After being off the stand-up scene for 8 years Comedian/Actor Chris Rock is making a return and he's heading straight to the bank! Word on the street is he'll make $40 million for two Netflix specials.
    Read more inside.



10/02/2015  |  No Comments


    Martinnnnnnnnn Lawrence!!!
    If you know me in real life, then you know that Martin Lawrence is one of my all time favorite comedians to date!! Last night I was able to experience the king of comedy live and in person! He kicked off The "Doin Time" Tour in Hammond, IN at the Horseshoe Casino on August 29th, and on Oct 1st, 2015, Marty Mar was in the ATL at the Fabulous Fox Theater. Head inside to read my review.

Karlie Redd’s Daughter Has Been Revealed!

Karlie Redd’s Daughter Has Been Revealed!

08/29/2012  |  No Comments


    Well well welllllll!!!! Karlie Redd wants to continue to serve us lie, but the good thing about the truth is that it always come to light!! Hunnie talking about she’s in her twenties? STOP IT FIVE!! A photo of Karlie’s college aged daughter (below) hit the net yesterday. It’s also being reported that her father is comedian Katt Williams *blank stare*. Karlie please just embrace your age and be FAB at forty!! You can be fifteen and I’m sure no one would be checking for your sound. *shrugs* WRAP IT UP!!

Nicki Minaj: Compares Lil Kim To Chimp On 'Stupid Hoe' Track

Nicki Minaj: Compares Lil Kim To Chimp On ‘Stupid Hoe’ Track

12/23/2011  |  No Comments

12/23/2011 Earlier this week Nicki Minaj released another track titled "Stupid Hoe"..*sigh* yes that is the REAL title. I wasn't going to post it because I wasn't feeling it. But I said I post for the people. On the first listen I thought to myself "This is complete trash, Dear Old Nicki pleasssse come back". I played it a few more times and I actually dig it, from a comical standpoint! Poor Lil kim, I am sure she was steaming after hearing the song. With lines like "I get it cracking like a bad back," Minaj raps in the opening verse, "Bitch talkin' she the queen, when she looking like a lab rat." LMAO!!! She then taunts her with her growing success by saying "Put a cape on, you a super ho," the line goes, "2012, I'm at the Super Bowl." That line pretty much confirms the rumor that she'll be appearing with Madonna at the high-profile event early next year. More snaps for Nicki!! Anywho, being that this isn't the Hip-hop we are familiar with, I am sure many will say WTF? Take a listen and share your thoughts. more

Clap For Him: Kevin Hart’s ‘Laugh at My Pain’ brings in $2 million

09/12/2011  |  No Comments

09/12/2011 I absolutely love Kevin Hart. So I am glad to share the news that his comedy film ‘Laugh at My Pain’ did GREAT at the box office. Although the film was released to limited markets on September 9, he pulled in $2 million over the weekend. Nice! Read more after the set. more